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Hi all. I’m just after some clarification on the phone insurance. Is my phone only covered when I’m on holiday or is it covered for everyday use while at work or out and about at weekends?

Many thanks

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Hey @Ianthorpe91! :grin:

From what I understand, the gadget cover works even in your country of residence. That being said, I’m not an expert on it so don’t quote me :sweat_smile:

Curve doesn’t handle any claims so I would advise contacting AXA directly. You can call the AXA Travel Insurance support team through this number:

UK (Black): +44 (0) 203 887 29 48
UK (Metal): +44 (0) 203 887 29 49
Portugal: +351 210 200 135
France: +33 1 707 512 18
Spain: +34 91 414 37 28
Italy: +39 2 360 037 32
Ireland: +353 144 751 67
Germany: +49 221 828 296 92

You can also see some info about the insurance at the following link:


Awesome, I had the same doubt, thanks for clarifying!

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I think everyone will agree that sending us to AXA to figure out the terms and conditions of insurance is a bit unfair. If the policy is unclear and vague it was Curve who agreed to it and approved it in the first place.


Unfortunately I think it’s an FCA rule - I doubt Curve staff on here are regulated to provide the advice so therefore have to redirect to the insurance provider.


I work with insurance products and I’m regulated for these and @ediflyer is correct curve can’t answer the question but the problem here is with the description of the type of insurance on the IPID document which is supposed to be an overview of what’s covered. The heading on this document is Curve travel insurance leadind me to believe its only covered for this purpose, but curve do advertise gadget insurance separately so I’d suggest this needs it’s own IPID so we know clearly what is and isn’t covered on this aspect of the insurance.


Quick question, has anyone actually tried to have anything compensated by AXA? I mean, an insurance is only as good as long it works and doesn’t take years to get reimbursements. Out of experience (NOT with AXA) I can tell that sometimes it makes sense to pay more for a better insurance + better insurance customer support to get reimbursed much quicker and easier than dragging on an open case for months - years.

I mean, the policy actually sounds good, but again, if it only means trouble and LONG call lines to get stuff figured out, it might not be worth it. Couple months ago the people who tried calling AXA all reported that they never got through an agent who actually had any clue at all how the policy works etc.

Hi, yes I claimed on the Car Hire Insurance Excess and the claim was settled promptly with minimal fuss. All done over the phone and online.


Hey, I made a claim using the travel insurance (valuables) to claim for my camera repair and it went very well, AXA reimbursed me the £70 repair costs quickly, no complaints here.

I also asked them about the gadget insurance and they said gadgets are covered in the UK, not just when traveling.


I called AXA as soon as I joined curve metal to confirm the travel insurance covers my partner and children as well as me (it does) and I also asked about the gadget insurance while I was on the phone and they confirmed that all gadgets are covered at home and abroad.


Gadget Insurance - it’s not clear. Curve terms say ‘yes’ Gadget insurance is covered. In the linked AXA policy is stated gadgets (and particularly mobile phones) are NOT covered.

I’ve mailed Curve on this and got a replay saying I should talk to AXA.
AXA replied and said “no, they are not covered, but talk to your card issuer”.

It’s an infinite loop.

Best to assume NOT covered, because if you need to claim, AXA’s policy will be the one they work to - and that is likely to exclude “Gadgets”

Zero issue claiming under Curve’s “travel” policy for a gadget (tablet) that was damaged at home.


Text below from the restrictions paragraph:

Mobile phones are limited to one claim within a 365 day period.

Does anyone know if curve will be amending their gadget insurance policy to cover items £1000+. My iPhone X is worth around this and would consider switching if they upped the cover?

It’s almost certain that the policy will cover repair/replacement. It’s not an old for new policy. I’ve seen the wording somewhere so I’m sure it can be verified.

Any repair/replacement will probably be through Apple. It charges £650 (from memory) to replace an irreparable iPhone X (mine was water damaged). Accordingly, the limit of indemnity is likely adequate.

As for clarity on terms, if the policy wording is unclear then the FOS will almost always find in favour of the policy holder.

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I just wanted to know how do I claim Curve mobile phone insurance

Call the Axa claim line (it’s a bit busy) they take all your details, you send a quote for repair/replacement, proof of ownership, other such stuff. Then monies paid to a nominated account… wear and tear deductions seemed fair on a iPhone 11 … 20% for 6 months ownership…

Under T&Cs they’ve listed the below documents. Seems the phone is only covered during a trip due to the fact they ask for travel tickets and tags. Is this correct or the actual coverage is not really linked to a trip?

• A police report from the local Police in the country where the incident occurred for all loss, theft or attempted theft.
• Written evidence from your network provider showing the phone number has been blocked.
• All travel tickets and tags for submission.
• An original receipt or proof of ownership for the lost, stolen or damaged mobile phone.
• A repair report where applicable.

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