Phone insurance

Have just received a call from Axa stating the mobile phone coverage is not related to a trip.
They’ve also confirmed this in writing post the call.


Do you know if the gadget had to be purchased with the Curve card to be covered?

Apologies I’ve not studied all the thread. Are mobile phones covered if lost damaged while at home or travelling? I’m a curve metal customer and want to make sure it’s covered


Per the clarification I’ve received, you are covered both at home and during a trip.


There is no need to purchase the phone using your curve card to benefit from the mobile phone insurance.


I read the terms & conditions and I didn’t find any limitation to the age of the phone. So I can buy a new iPhone and let’s say it falls off my hand in 3 years and the screen is cracked, I will be covered right?

Yes that’s correct


I had an iPhone 6+ that was dropped and got wet in late 2019. I used my Curve Gadget insurance and called AXA. I had to provide proof of ownership and get a written report from an authorised Apple repair centre. I went to Carphone Warehouse and they said it was beyond economic repair and sent me the report via Email for free. I sent the proof of ownership and report to AXA and they reimbursed me £270, which was enough to buy a second hand iPhone 6S+ off eBay - so I even got a free upgrade!

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