Physical card deliver

I can’t find an address to write to you so I’m trying this way
I twice asked for a physical card and it was promised but I never got any card. Some payment terminals only accept physical cards, especially in exotic countries with poor internet. Please behave professionally and send me the real card and not just promises. Pay for shipping if needed
This is my mailing address other than the one of residence and I will definitely get the card at this address.

[Edit by @poeliev: removed personal data]

I suggest deleting personal data from your post. You will not get any help here, it’s just a community forum. Use the official support channels.

And where can I find these official hbo channels in the app only robot works

I do not understand a company that operates in the financial industry and hindering communication. This undermines her credibility
Please let me know how to solve my problem. The robot in no way solves this in the application and does not help