Physical card doesn't work

Hi just joined curve and got my physical card. The app works fine on my phone and made several payments, but the card itself won’t work.
I’ve tried it as contactless, and the machine simply ignores it, no beep, no rejection, just no response. I tried it as chip and pin and whilst the machine accepts it is there, it won’t accept the pin I’ve been given by the app.

Do I need to do anything else to get it to work? I’ve activated it on the app.

I think you should contact support about your bad card…

Long time has passed since I received the card, so my memory could be faulty.

However I believe you have to activate the physical card from the app before you can use it. I even believe your card details will change when you activate the physical one.

[EDIT] Sorry I missed where you wrote you already activated it in the app.

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Yes, I can confirm both of these… :wink: