Physical card not received

hello everyone, I activated Curve on January 7th and it indicated the timing of January 17th to physically receive the card, but it has not yet arrived. what can I do?

Hello @Marcok87,

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Sometimes it can take a bit longer then shown. If you are sure that the card got lost during shipping please contact the customer support.

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Hello @Marcok87,

There are delays in receiving the card in Italy! Please wait until the end of next week, then open a ticket.

It’s worth noting that due to COVID-19, we’re seeing some delays in delivery. We’d recommend waiting a few more days than normal to receive your Curve Card. We often experience postal delays to card deliveries in Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and France.

as of today 25 January 2022 I have not received the physical card, what can I do?

Please contact the customer support:


or drop Curve a message on Twitter @AskCurve.

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I did it. I await their response and and let you know what they say.

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