Physical plastic card has not yet arrived home

Good morning,
I created an account on the Curve app on 26 October 2020,
I added a Hype Card and a Revolut Card.
I activated the Curve virtual card by entering the last 4 digits found on “View card details”
but the physical plastic card has not yet arrived home.

What am I doing wrong ? Do I still have to do something?

Thanks for your help
Good day

Hi Graymamba, welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

I assume that you have requested a physical card from Curve as there is a fee for a physical card.

If you’ve done all the above then I would advise you to contact Curve via the app or via Twitter @AskCurve or via email at

Thanks a lot,


P. S. Please let me know if I was wrong about my assumptions above.

I did all the registration process correctly, I think.
I registered and created the PIN.
I chose the BLUE card.
I added the first two cards to manage (Revolut and Hype)
Today the app asked me to activate the physical card (which I haven’t received yet).
I activated it by looking at the last 4 DIGITS from the online card in “view card details” and in fact now it no longer asks to activate the physical card.
But in my hand, today I still don’t have the physical card.

No, when I created the account in October 2020 and I chose the BLUE card, it did not ask me for any card fee.
Do you think I may not have applied for the card yet? So what menu should I go to today to request the card? I looked all over the app but couldn’t find where to apply for the card.

Hi Graymamba, I think you should email Curve and ask for your physical card and see what they say, either via the app of itself or via Twitter @AskCurve or via email at the address

I hope the above helps,



Personally, I received my Curve card almost a month and half after joining Curve and almost 2 months later when I switched to Metal…

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