Piggy Bank Feature

An automatic money saving function would be nice.
Where Paid Amounts are rounded up to the next full Euro / Pound or next five Euro / Pound and may be credited to the Curve Rewards Card.


Great idea - Monzo do that into Pots. Think Starling do too?

Although I would like Curve get the basics right first :wink:

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YES!!! Great idea! They need an FCA licence for that, right?

They do. It’s just called ‘Round Up’. Whereas Monzo’s is called ‘Coin Jar’.

I agree, I think they have more pressing issues currently! But in the future it would be nice if they could start adding more features like this.

Revolut has a similar Feature, round up multiplicatet with X

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Great idea! I’d love to see the rounded up value added to the rewards card or something like that!

@Dann — Yes of course, to the rewards card. Never thought of that. Great thinking.

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Super Idea and more super using the rewards card account - (when they get it working again)

If you’re a beta tester, the rewards card is back on the latest beta app, so it should be a few days before it’s back for everyone :partying_face:


Is there still a beta app? I thought it had all gone live and although some folk might be running an old app there wasn’t a way to install the beta now?

I’ve had a couple sent down via TestFlight!

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Ah OK - not sure if Android Beta is dead or not, uninstalled Crashalytics when it went to live.

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Ah ok I too uninstalled the beta and crashlytics app when amex fell through the floor