Pin Blocked


So my pin got blocked thus my card does not work now.
I have read all the instruction from the app and it says “go to account->and follow instructions to unblock the pin.” There is nothing in the account menu, you can only see the card details and the pin. In fact nowhere does it says that your PIN is blocked. The only place you can see that, is when you check your decline order in the app “your PIN has been blocked due to too many incorrect attempts, please view the account tab to unlock your PIN”.

How the F*** can I unlock my PIN?? It is such a basic function, that I am supper surprised that I cannot do it myself from the app…
I have raised a ticket to the support but “we will contact you in 2-5 days” is a joke, especially for something sooooo basic like this.

Is there a way around this?

Didn’t you received a notification ? Curve - Blocked PIN declines
Or tried to uninstall/ install the app ?
Or call the number behind the card ( I doubt they can unlock though)

Is not a notification to say but when I checked the info on the purchase I wanted to make it says “your PIN has been blocked due to too many incorrect attempts, please view the account tab to unlock your PIN”.” and from the menu you cannot do anything.

The App it self is good as an idea but unfortunately it falls behind as it is missing some basic things. They are working on adding smart rules, back in time e.t.c but they failed to add simple things like

  • visual track on your FX exchange, how much did you spent on the last 30 days in order not to pass the limit
  • unblock your ping from the App
  • basic desktop app

I am sure there are more but those are the one I can think off.

Isn’t the FX limits in “cards limits” I am metal so I do not see it anymore but I thought it was there. But yes it could be more accessible and they could display an alerte for the weekend for exemple.

For the pin I agree and it seems you have a bug since you should be able to do that.
For desktop since it’s not a bank I do not really see the interest.

Would mainly like to see account balances for each card for non UK users, better and more flexible insights.

I hope you success to unlock it fast

@brutalmanfatal how did you fix this?