PIN change and NFC questions

Hi, I have a couple of questions regarding the PIN of the card:

1 - If I change it on an ATM, would the PIN shown in the app be changed as well?

2 - Is there a spend limit from which I’ll be asked to enter the PIN, if there is, can it be customized? On my local bank I can choose when should a transaction ask for the PIN.


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  1. Yes
  2. For Chip&Pin transactions (as the name tells) you will need to enter your PIN on every transaction. For contactless transactions there are certain ‘rules’. These can not be adjusted.
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1 - Thanks!
2 - I don’t get it, using only contactless payments, once the limit has passed, do I have to enter the PIN on the next contactless operation? Or I WONT be able to pay contactless anymore before using the card physically at least once? I understand these are daily limits? Or monthly?

Neither. These are ‘single transaction’ and ‘accumulated spend’ limits.

I believe this depends on whether contactless pin exists in your country. For me (in the Netherlands) it’s good enough to enter the pin on the contactless transaction. Others (e.g. in the UK) won’t be able to pay contactless anymore before using the card physically (Chip&Pin) at least once.

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Well, my local banks here works with contactless PIN. So I hope I can use the Curve card contactless with PIN once the amount limit has been reach. 30 EUR seems low, by the way, and a PIN every 150 EUR its OK, as long as I can input the PIN on the same contactless operation.

Thanks for the info!


So, I changed the PIN because I found an Euronet ATM on my city, and then I made a payment of 38 EUR (NFC) and the card still didn’t ask for the PIN. According to your link, the limit in the euro zone is 30, could it be that MasterCard raised that limit to 50? In any case, I hope to reach the 150 amount in the next few days and see what happens.

Yes, I guess the table on the Curve support page is outdated.

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Oh OK, I didn’t know if the table you showed me was about Curve system or the actual MasterCard system. I’ll keep waiting to check if the PIN is enough after the limits, or if I have to use the physical card once in a while.


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Just to be certain, because I am not sure if you are referring to a NFC payment with the physical Curve card or with X-Pay with a phone or watch…for NFC payments with apple pay, GooglePay et cetera different rules apply than for NFC payments with your physical card.

I’m talking about NFC through a smartwatch. What rules will apply then? Thanks.

In that case you should never be asked for your card PIN by the POS, because the strong authentication is already done at the watch or phone by PIN, password, pattern or biometrics.

When I use my card’s bank through my phone’s NFC, I’m asked for the PIN once in a while, or if the amount is high. Can’t this be done with curve? Is it a “limitation” of the Curve system? I understand my phone should be safe, but, are you saying that, if I lose my smartwatch, anyone could pay without PIN requirement, not even once in a while? I think this scenario is a bit weak from a security point of view.

Not sure about your smartwatch. But I have GooglePay on mine. GooglePay requires that I have a pin, pattern or passcode on my watch. If I take the watch of my wrist, it will ask for this pin, pattern or passcode, so someone who finds it will never be able to pay with the watch if he/she doesn’t know the pin, pattern or passcode.

When I pay with this watch with GooglePay (and with the Curve card selected) I should never be asked by the POS for my card PIN. This is because, as I said, the strong customer authentication is done on the watch. I don’t use NFC payment on my phone.

Which sort of X-Pay are you using on your phone?

On my phone, my bank’s app, my watch is a Mi Band 6 and I guess it’s through some Xiaomi’s system. I have the passcode thing on the band too, but I don’t know how secure the device is. In any case, it would be nice if Curve had the option to ask for the PIN from time to time or for high quantities, regardless of NFC or devices used.

For physical card NFC Curve does have this in place, but when using your Mi Band 6 I guess you are dependent on Xiaomi (and/or the software of the POS terminal).

So, depending on Xiaomi or POS, I might be asked for the PIN? Is that what you’re saying?

It might. But I am definitely not an expert on Mi Band 6. Did you already try to do a Google search on authentication behaviour when one pays with a Mi Band 6?

I know that some outdated POS terminals do ask for the card PIN when paying with GooglePay (though they shouldn’t) so they might as well when using the Mi Band 6.


I did a quick search but it’s hard because when I search for band and PIN keywords almost all results are about the band’s PIN, not the card’s PIN.

Anyway, I will comment here if someday I’m asked for the PIN. Thanks.

I have made several payments with my Mi band 6 NFC but I have never been asked for card PIN. The only authentication I have done is the band Pass code. Biggest single transaction so far is £95.


Thanks for the info, I will update this post if I find out more.

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