Planned maintenance Sunday 26th January

We are carrying out planned maintenance work on 2020-01-26T04:00:00Z until 2020-01-26T06:00:00Z. Some payments may not go through, meaning your card could be declined. Please carry an extra card during this time.


Well done for scheduling maintenance at a very quiet time that is least inconvenient to your customers. Many other businesses instead schedule maintenance at times that are convenient only to themselves. In future, please append a timezone to times, given that this is an international forum. Not everyone is on GMT or BST.

Which is why I’ve used discourse’s time function… this will display the correct time based on your time zone settings. :wink:


Even better. You’re one step ahead of me!

Hmm - in the last hour I have now received 2 notifications from the Curve app regarding this maintenance despite it having already happened overnight!


Me too :wink:

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Same here. Push notification received after maintenance :man_shrugging: