Please allow Polish prepaid cards

Hi Curve team! @Curve_Aleca

Please allow to add the prepaid cards of big Polish fin-techs:

  • Dipocket (company registered in the UK, but based in Poland): BIN 545598
  • Igoria Card (company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange): BIN 515753

DiPocket card was accepted by Curve in the past, but now it isn’t.

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It is true that temporarily it was not possible to add DiPocket, but now it should be possible again (at least I have been able to do so recently).

To be able to add the Igoria card as underlying card please contact Curve support directly.


Thanks, Paul!


And be prepared to wait until Christmas :wink:

Hi @mich :wave: Have you recently tried to add the DiPocket card to your account? We’ve been told this should work now :muscle:

However, the Igoria Card has not been accepted yet. I have passed the BIN on to our team and they will be able to review it and decide if they can add it to our database or not. Please note that we do not know how long that will take :blush:

DiPocket had a lot successes in Poland recently and opened a large branch there. Some new services were announced recently, like cooperation with very popular Zabka stores. But except of that, DiPocket is not Polish.
Even the Polish branch has been registered as a foreign company branch and not a separate Polish company (even Revolut did the latter, see for example Revolut Technologies Poland Sp. z o.o.). The founders are not Polish. The board in fact consist of 1 guy from Poland, but there are also 6 more people from elsewhere.
It’s definitely NOT Polish.
We may aswell call it Hungarian, due to their cooperation with PlayIT gaming festivals, especially as those cards were HUF capable only.
DiPocket is a British company, of course.
But in fact they provide quite a good experience, Polish support is awesome and I felt kind of like being home when using it too; though I guess it was the factor that led you to your assumption :slight_smile:
Also DiPocket seems to be currently supported by Curve and working fine. I have quite a lot of their cards, including those branded ones and only single one of them refuses to register with not only CRV, but with Google Pay also; it seems they forgot to enable 3D secure for it or something, anyway this is rather accidental and can be easily fixed by reordering the new card for free.
And except of that one, the rest of their cards always connected without a problem. I have some of them active even atm. If your card fails to connect then maybe it’s faulty like the one above? I guess you can check by generating an additional virtual card for free and try if it works.

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Now it works, great!

@sgogacz: Polish or not - it depends on the meaning. DiPocket is registered in the U.K. and authorised by FCA. But it isn’t their origin, because the main business is provided by Warsaw office (easy to check it on LinkedIn), their accounts have numbers from Polish banks (Pekao and Santander), they cooperate with Polish branch of MasterCard, even MasterCard treats Dipocket as Polish fin-tech, both founders are based in Poland etc. But their support uses IP address of Kredobank UA which belongs to PKO BP :slight_smile: