Please clarify/warn about potential cashback issues with fuel retailers, or fix those issues

It is particularly common in the UK for petrol forecourts to be branded franchises, so for example a petrol station may be selling BP branded fuel, with a M&S store attached. Yet when you make a purchase the retailer on the transaction is listed as MFG, a major fuel franchise operator in the UK. This setup is extremely common throughout the entire country, in fact I don’t think I have ever seen BP or Shell on my bank statement, ever.

As a result, choosing a company like BP or Shell as one of your cashback options on the premium cards is functionally broken throughout large parts of the UK and potentially elsewhere, as the transactions are not recognised as BP or Shell and so the cashback does not track. There may be similar franchise-related issues for fast food outlets as well, but I have not experienced this yet.

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Yup used to have this all the time with Costa, there are vast swathes of franchisees who may not not put ‘Costa’ as part of the business name in the transaction so presumably the simple name match fails.

This used to be a simple support request to fix, but you have to watch the pending cashback like a hawk!

It’s the same with Asda stores. On my credit card bill it doesn’t say Asda. It’s the store number and town. I’ve started to contact Curve for the cash back every six months with the transactions for each store. Pain in the hole but you do get the cashback eventually. Maybe if they fixed this issue the backlog of customer service could be cleared.

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