Please don't mix up British pounds and Euros

One quite irritating thing I’ve noticed, not necessarily about the service itself, but about the communication. It happens really often that the Curve team treats values in Euros and pounds as if they were the same thing. Let me explain with a few examples.

  1. The cost of service

Curve Black in the UK is 10 GBP/month, but in the rest of the EEA it’s 10 EUR. While it’s nice to pay less, it’s weird if you think about it. That’s literally the same product (as long as the insurance is offered in your country).

  1. Limits

Okay, I think this one is the worst. A quick trivia: is the fee-free FX limit for Curve Blue 500 pounds, or 500 euros? There’s no definitive answer. The T&C mention only pounds, but in the app the value of 500 euros is mentioned. Meanwhile, 500 GBP is over 550 EUR. I think you’ll agree with me that 50 euros is not nothing.

  1. Referral bonus

Again: is is 5 :euro:, or 5 :pound:? The app (and reality) says pounds, but then why did I get this e-mail?

A very confusing and unnecessary practice. Please, stop.


Noted and forwarded to the Product Team :smile:

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I agree they don’t think euros is more than pounds but at same time I’m charged the metal subscription in pounds I wanted my subscription from my euro currency debit card but the system charges pounds and it causes fees at the bank cause the app want convert the cost to euros for my euro card feel they make us pay the price for some reason like many companies euros cost is cheaper cause they just replace the pound sign with euro sign for example £14.99 and €14.99 I find that regularly and with dynamic currency conversion you get even more stung

Yeah they should drop the price to £9 in the UK :slight_smile: and preferably do £2 cheaper on UK Metal should Curve be pricing it at 14.99€ a month in the EEA

I don’t think saving 12-24£ a year is nothing either :frowning: perhaps this is to offset the money you save and to keep it simpler?

@wbrowngala actually makes a pretty good point.

@Curve_Marie if we link it to an EEA debit card that is marked as EUR would Curve be able to bill us the EUR pricing? Preferably do this for Metal as well :slight_smile: 14.99€ a month to my EUR card, would help those of us paid in EUR that use something like Revolut (although you’ll need to let us override this because of the free travel zone means some of us have GB BIN Revolut cards and residency despite working and getting paid in EUR countries)


Good point a lot of us UK residents have EU accounts such as many in Northern Ireland who live on UK side of border and work on Ireland (republic/south) on the other side of the border.

I like being charged in euros cause I use my euro accounts a lot though I live in UK so it’s preferable if curve change charging so a euro card can be charged under a euro subscription cost not a UK subscription charge

@Curve_Marie can the curve subscription be changed so it can be charged in euros so the card used is charged in euros when it’s a euro card