Please work on the support staff for US

Really want to see Curve succeed, so taking the time to write this…

More than once I had to talk to support and got horrible support. Once I disputed a charge and basically got asked to prove I didn’t make a purchase… Totally backwards. Almost stopped using the card then, but asked for escalation and eventually got to someone that took care of it. That took 3-4 emails, screenshots and aggravation. That’s an automated 1-click process in my bank.

I recently asked for a replacement card (not canceling my current one). I got multiple responses on top of each other contradicting the previous ones and had to be very explicitly and double check everything. This could have gone wrong in multiple points along the conversation, which would mean I’d have to update every website, autopay, secret manager app, etc.

Please check what’s going on. Happy to share details via direct email reachout

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This isn’t something new. See the eu support thread.


There’s two different teams working on both products, the problems of the US team are not the problems of the UK team and vice versa.