Plus500 withdrawal showing as a debit transaction

Hi there,

I just processed a withdraw from my Plus500 trading account to my curve account and instead of showing as a credit it seems to have been processed as a debit transaction.

I’ve contacted customer support and heard nothing so wondered if anyone else has had this sort of problem?


What do you mean with withdraw to your Curve account? Curve is not a bank account or an e-wallet? So you can not deposit your own money into your Curve account.
There is the Curve Cash Card, but that is only meant to receive money that others send to you and to receive referral money.

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As @poeliev said, Curve is not a bank so you can’t put money into it.

If you want people to help, try to explain your situation further.

Hi @yokunade,

This shouldn’t be the case, and can sometimes be down to the way the merchant processes the transaction. Please raise a ticket with our customer support team, they should be able to reverse/refund it for you! :slight_smile:

Just to clarify Plus500 is a trading platform where withdrawals are paid back to the card that was used to deposit. I was expecting it to be processed like a refund back onto the underlying credit card. Sorry that wasn’t clear.

Raised with customer support so hopefully will be resolved.


Thanks for clarifying, your post had me really confused.