Points in shops?

I have been racking up the points in Tesco and Sainsburys, and every transaction i make i ger a notification i have so many points, yet i have no idea how to view how many points i have in the app, nor how i can use there orwhat i can actually use them for.
I have the curve black.

Can someone please advise?

Alos, ive just upgraded to the metal card, will my point transfer over to the new card?


If you find the curve cash card in the app, thats where you can find your points balance, as well as selecting the card to use ANYWHERE!

Your points will indeed transfer over to the new metal card! Which colour did you choose?!

Chose the red one but was wondering can I change it to the blue one?

Where in the app can I see my points balance? I still cant see it.

You should have a curve cash card in your list of cards, can you see that?

If you want to change the colour, drop an email to the support team - support@curve.app

Found the cash card, is this the sum total of everything or just a month? does it reset or keep topping up over the months?

It will just top up whenever you make a purchase.

Thanks for all your help. much appreciated.

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