Poll: Your actions now Curve has introduced the Subscription model

Edit: Success! You spoke, they listened. Current Curve Black cardholders: Subscriptions and Grandfathering

In light of all the changes going on and the massive threads discussing the topic. I’m thinking a black and white poll to show Curve in a clear graphic how the community feels about the changes would be beneficial. Please keep discussion on topic and use the other threads for discussion and this for the poll.

Curve is a great product and has some amazing features. But many of us feel the new subscription model is unfair to those currently on Curve Black. A simple change of allow ‘legacy’ users to stick with the features they currently have and enjoy without being forced to pay £9.99 mostly for insurance we don’t want or need.

This is not a rally against Curve or any of the reps on here. I’m doing this as an engaged and enthusiastic user who really likes the product and brand, but feels they’re being treated unfairly. Hopefully together we can be vocal enough that the Curve team will listen.

Please respect the community guidelines in the thread. Keep beta chat out, keep personal attacks out and hopefully Curve will hear.

  • Was on Curve Black and upgrading to the new Black or Metal Subscription
  • Was on Curve Blue and will upgrade to the new Black or Metal Subscription
  • Considering upgrade/unsure on upgrade
  • Was on Curve Black and will be grandfathered
  • Was on Curve Black and downgrading to Blue
  • Closing Curve account due to this change
  • Other: Post in Comments

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On Blue, remaining on Blue. That’s still free, right?


Dito. Might upgrade temporarily to Black in summer (because of holidays) and downgrade back to Blue when summer is over.

Yes, the Blue will remain free :slight_smile:

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The intention of the poll is to have a clearcut display of what current Curve users will do if the current situation doesn’t change.

While I’m sure many people want different things; new curve black for free, money back, or refunds. I think we should voice our opinion clearly and show Curve why we don’t like the changes, not what the conclusion should be necessarily.

I can assure you Curve have seen this poll and the other threads and hopefully that means it will be actioned on directly.

The only thing that might tempt me on to the subscription models is higher limits. As it is I feel a bit conned in to taking up the Black card for a one off fee that will now only offer benefits for a period I can’t use the card because I’ve maxed out the annual cap. If I’d got the old Black benefits back at the end of the year it might have felt worth it.

The way the MCC issue was announced was very poor and this is no better, Curve now look like an organisation you can’t trust.


I’ve replied unsure as I’m still gathering information and doing my math but currently the balance is towards downgrading to blue after using the currently offered “free” 6 months of the new black.
I would prefer to stick with my current black but I get a much better insurance with my Amex Platinum.

You can add another option to the poll @dan_baker: Grandfathering :wink:

Curve is a great product to manage many cards that most of us have.
For example, I have 5 subordinate cards and 3 of them also have insurances for very different things, but all 3 have buyer protection and travel protection.
I do not need one more card that imposes insurance on me that I do not need, and especially cost extra.
Especially because Curve is not a indipendent credit card, It always needs anotehr one to use with curve which have propably an insurance already.
Makes no sense for me.

Would love to, but can’t edit a poll more than 5 mins after unfortunately!

I chose other: was on curve blue - staying on curve blue…

mainly because I have yet to absorb the new changes/benefits with regard to what my other cards already offer - perhaps it would be better to have a modular system and pay for the extras you choose… I dunno

I’m tempted to go black or metal as my annual travel insurance is up for renewal… but I might not be elligble for cover (unique personal reasons)

On blue, will remain on blue.

Just updated the settings so you can add the Grandfathering alternative :smiley:


Depends on two things for me, firstly and most importantly is the spend limits. If curve ever intends to fully replace the other cards in my wallet, the spending cap needs to be raised enormously (if not removed entirely)

Secondly will wait to see what happens with the rewards scheme, as it stands i get cashback at retailers i dont use, but new members get only a few months cashback at retailers i probably would use. Will be interesting to see the final model after the schemes are merged

It’s now saying I can’t edit after 10 mins.

Gave it another go with changing the settings back and forth, and added the grandfathering option

Although removed all previous votes :see_no_evil: oh well, I think it served its purpose…

Oh no - sorry about that :scream:

Is there a way to undo it? To show the original votes?