Poll: Your actions now Curve has introduced the Subscription model

It wasn’t possible to take back a vote, and there were many who voted “currently on black, downgrading to free blue” who will vote now “currently on black, staying on old free black”

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On Black. It’s been an amazing 4 months. Very interested in the Metal Card

I could try to revert the post to its previous state, however, that might lose the votes again.

Don’t worry about it, the post has served its purpose. :slight_smile:


Annual limit so ridiculously low that Curve is becoming useless-literally. Was looking forward to being able to use Amex but spending limits are a fraction of my normal turnover. Don’t want/need insurance so that is without any value to me. Presently Black and unsure whether to give it another year (on grandfather) and see if there are any improvements, downgrade to blue or quit Curve altogether. As for card colour or material I really don’t care.

Will not subscribe if insurance is compulsory (Will remain grandfathered)

On blue, will stay on blue.


I see (from the admittedly small sample size) that 67% of respondents will be closing their account, downgrading to blue or (the majority, at 59%) grandfathering to keep legacy black. A new product launch that, in addition to all the other challenges, only 33% of the existing client base wish to adopt: that is certainly an unorthodox way to manage a service business.

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I don’t know. A lot of freemium businesses (eg. Dropbox) have fewer than 10% of their users paying anything, so 33% is actually pretty good in comparison.

Of course, that is 33% of the people on here, who are probably Curve’s most engaged customers. In the broader customer base it’s probably lower. Plus, Curve would probably have much higher marginal costs than most freemium businesses.

I would disagree with your engaged point. Anyone can be fully engaged with a company without paying for a product that does not suit their individuals needs.

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I upgraded, after considerable difficulty because Curve put stupid obstacles in my way, to metal.The proposed benefits were of value to me but since then this has changed with no communication from Curve other than to blame all of the problems on Amex and not take any responsibility for charging for a benefit they are unable to provide.

There needs to be a clarification as to how soon “soon” actually is for LoungeKey and what the associated costs will be