Portugal : new card not delivered after one month

Hi everyone,

My curve basic card is gonna expire at the end of the month. The app showed that a new card was issued and may have been delivered by June 10th. After not having any sign of being delivered and went to Chat Support and they decided to reissue a new card by that time.
I filed a complaint to the portugal national mail provider, CTT, and they replied they don’t know anything about mail that is not registered, so no track id, no way to know of the whereabouts of the mail with the new card.
13 days have passed since I contacted support. The second should have arrived by June 20th. I’m feeling pessimistic.

Thanks for your attention!


the second (reissued) arrived, along with the former card. All with the regarding pleasures of the portuguese Postoffice company, CTT, that made this amazing delivery. Recovered the lost card and the new reissued today. What I’m gonna do with 2 cards !? I have an amazing idea: I’m gonna associate the old card with the second card, this way, I can have three usual associated with the two curve cards: two with the old one and one more usual and the old curve card with the new Curve card.

Already filed a new complaint in Portuguese Authority for Telecomunications, ANACOM, regarding this case.
Since the CTT are a privately held company and a monopoly in the regular postoffice, we can expect everything !

Expect nothing of this happens also with you in Portugal with this brilliant company, CTT !

It’s not possible to add/have another Curve card as underlying card to/in your Curve wallet.
It’s also not allowed for one person to have two Curve accounts.

Thanks for the reply, I was just kidding, of course…

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