Portuguese cards that can't be added as underlying cards

Can you say something about this?

Just put in the request to add the BINs onto our system :smile:

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BNI - BIN 40825700 not working either.

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Is ActivoBank working on Curve app? Tried to add the card but i cant verify it…

Same problem here. Has someone been able to add a visa electron card from ActivoBank to curve?

I have both debit and credit ActivoBank cards in Curve. It’s the boost and other “prepaid” cards that can’t be added

@mracfa why can’t you verify it? If it’s the verification code not showing up, you have to wait up to a week for it to show on your homebanking as, unfortunately, ActivoBank doesn’t show pending transactions

Forgot to leave feedback. So, i had some limitation on my card, Internet and internacional payments were not allowed. After this limitation was removed i was able to add the card.
The same thing happened with Crédito Agrícola cards.

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I also have my ActivoBank cards (debit and credit) added to Curve

I am able to add the card but afterwards it is not possible to verify the card…

Hey @Nuno11 You may find your solution in @mracfa post about this.

If that’s not the case, please email our team at support@curve.app and they can provide some more guidance.

Certainly not the same situation as ActivoBank doesnt have any of those options. The only thing I can think of is 3ds not being active

From experience (I have an Abanca card which I can’t verify) Curve support will just say “bank replied with do not honour, talk with the bank” and the bank will say they’re not blocking or doing anything on their side. No real solution

I have the same issue with Mt debit card ‘Caixa Geral de Depósitos - BIN 406170’. I was able to add it but can’t verify. I already activated 3D Secure and I’m able to make online purchases with it, but every time I try to activate on Curve, says try again later.

By using MBNet?

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Thanks for the tip. MB Net works, it generates cards with BIN 418836. Is a nice workaround but I want to add my physical card to Curve instead of having to generate a virtual out :confused:

I was asking if you usually use MBNet cards for online purchases because most CGD debit cards won’t work for online purchases if you use the physical card. You can add MBNet cards to Curve and verify them, but then won’t be able to actually buy anything through Curve as the card gets locked to the “merchant” Curve during the verification process

I’m able to make online purchases with my previous mention CGD debit card. But in order to so, you must activate 3D-Secure first. Otherwise you have to rely on MB Way cards generated from the debit card, option which I barely use.

For now i haven’t tried to make a purchase with on my recently added MB Way card over Curve, I need some to days to test it, when I do so, I’ll post in the thread :slight_smile:
But I got your point @megamaster, MB Way only provides single merchant cards.
Anyway, I sent an email to the support team and they said that have made a manually charge on my card so that within 5 working days I get the verification code. Let’s see! Fingers crossed

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Like I promised, I have good news. I was able to verify (and I’m using it wihout limitations) my CGD BIN 418836, by doing the following steps:

  1. First access CaixaDirecta (CGD Netbanking) and activate the card BIN 418836 3D Secure. PS: Bank doesn’t allow to make purchase online with debit card and if you don’t activate 3D Secure

  2. Add the card and try to verify

  3. If there’s an error during the verification, send an email to support@curve.app reporting the situation and you can even mention the link of this therad in it. Curve support team will reply you back withtin 24 hours, saying that they’ll try to perform a manual microcharge on your unverified card, so that you can proceed.

  4. Within the following 1 to 5 days, try to verify the card again as at some point you’ll be able to enter the code. To get the code access CaixaDirecta and go to your debit card transactions and you’ll be able to retrieve the verification code.
    PS: Don’t rely on your whole current account transactions as it never shows the entire transaction description, therefore the verification code can be truncated. To access the card transactions on CaixaDiecta, go to Cards, then select your debit card.

Good luck :grin:


Already to possible add CGD Debit with BIN 406170 ?

Hi, I added Activobank Electron Visa about 1 year ago and added the Activbobank Classic Credit Card around two weeks ago without problems.