Possible to add to Google Pay (but not contactless)

I went into my app and it came up with google pay so have you joined in google pay and what way rewards or payments.

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You can add the card to Google Pay, but it will only work for in-app or online payments at the moment. Curve haven’t enabled the necessary functionality to pay with your phone in-store.

My understanding is that it is likely Apple Pay will come first, as Apple have a restriction that you can’t add if you have added another method in last 3 months.

So, either GPay then 3 months later APay or, APay then GPay right after…

Google Pay would be really useful but an interesting idea might be to go the Barcleys route and make your own contactless payment app. Apple dont let people do that on there devices but Android is less of a tight fist. Curve app you become an NFC payment app as well - good workaround.

No needed.
Google Pay, Apple, Samsung… are good enough and deeply specialized in mobile payments.

I think you may misunderstand Google Pay is clearly taking some time and Google Pay might decline their application to use it as they as ‘not a bank’ nor offer direct cash solutions. Curve is a portal just like Google Pay in a sense. I don’t know the in and outs of Curve’s situation with these so hazarding a wild guess.

My point is Amex, Barclays, Samsung, Fitbit, Garmin etc. all have their own NFC mobile payments system. Curve could theoretically produce something similar then it doesn’t matter about Google. The point you make about being “deeply specialized” is perhaps the point these are used to one card per card. Curve is new it is its own specialty. Besides people already have the Curve app on their phone so one less app to worry about installing.

It a option a suggestion. I have Google Pay but use Amex Pay thanks to the lack of Amex support with Curve.

I think people focus on Apple/Google Pay somewhat misses the point of Curve (one card to rule them all). I see many use case scenarios though.


Any news on this topic? I’m in Italy and I’d like to use Curve to pay contactless with Gpay… Still nothing?

Hello @daviduzzo89,
I have create the post for Italian user :smiley:

Keep your eyes :eyes: on that post. As soon as there are news, I will update it.

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