Potential Metal/Black new feature: an improved Curve Cashback

Hi all,

We’ve been working to find a nice replacement of the Amex benefit for our premium customers (Black and Metal). We will continue to work on more things to come, but in the meantime, we plan to take Curve Cashback to the next level:

  • Curve Black cardholders: you will be able to choose 3 retailers from the list and get 1% cashback from them instantly and without 3-months expiration!
  • Curve Metal cardholders: you will be able to choose 6 retailers from the list and get 1% cashback from them instantly and without 3-months expiration!

Some clarifications:

  • Once you choose the retailers, you cannot change them - so choose wisely! :slight_smile:
  • As before, Curve Blue and Curve Legacy Black cardholders can choose their list of retailers and enjoy 1% cashback for their first 3 months since joining Curve.
  • Current Curve Rewards beneficiaries (those who registered with Curve before Feb 16th 2018) will continue on their Rewards programme - for more detail on the Curve Rewards click here.

Our plan is to launch this improved benefit in the coming weeks, so we would really appreciate your feedback.


I Love this, but as a curve rewards member, I can’t use it! :disappointed:

This would be a welcome change, though like @Dann I’m on the old rewards system, so it wouldn’t change anything for me.

To be honest, I think most users would be surprised to find that the cashback had a 3-month expiration at all. When you go to the “manage your subscription” page in the app, it just says “Get 1% cashback at 6 select retailers”. No mention of the 3-month limit (or the fact that if you’ve already been on Curve for three months before upgrading, you don’t actually get the cashback). So, whilst this is a good change, it simply brings it into line with what most people probably thought they were already getting.

This is what the app currently says about cashback:



As someone who isn’t on the old rewards, I like this idea


So just to be clear as someone who was on the old rewards scheme as a black member who applied for metal from the Beta programme I would not be eligible for the cashback scheme? Is the cashback an admission that Amex is unlikely to return?

It sounds to me that any (not legacy) Black or Metal card holders will have 1% cashback at 3 and 6 retailers respectively without expiration date. The only exception being those on the old “rewards” programme who will continue on the old scheme.

So someone like me who signed up and got 1% for 3 months which has now expired, I would get my 1% cashback back as long as I have an active subscription.

That’s how I read this announcement, but perhaps @Curve_Alejandro can confirm for you.

As you were on the Curve Rewards scheme (discontinued on February 16th 2018) you are not eligible for Curve Cashback. You still enjoy the Curve Rewards, a different rewards scheme. In the future we might merge them.

This is correct, if you have a Curve Black or Curve Metal with subscription (not Legacy Black).

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No, it is an acknowledgment that it will take longer than we would like to, as there will be lawyers and regulators involved. We want to offer an alternative to our premium customers, and we think this is a good start. :slight_smile:


I would very much like this to change at some point. I’m on the old Rewards scheme, but never shopped at any of the listed merchants since I’m residing outside the UK. I’d benefit much more of the 1% cashback.

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Hello @Curve_Alejandro, is there a way the Old reward scheme users can migrate to the new scheme?

Short answer: no.

Long answer: we are working to eventually bring an updated Rewards scheme which would replace all of this with something better. But if it happens (working with third parties is complicated!) it will take a while. In the meantime we will leave things as they are.

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Thank you for clearing that up! That 1% apple Cashback would be tempting!

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If I upgrade from blue while within the 90 day introductory cashback period, will I be able to pick new retailers for black/metal?

Deffinitelly something to start using Curve card again :+1:

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Yes, I’d be delighted to know why you won’t let me express my opinion.

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I haven’t even been able to select any retailers since migrating from blue legacy card to metal.

I get the following input / image attached.

:scream: Love it, will happily pay 9.99/mo from the >£9.99/mo I will earn in rewards.

That’s because it wasn’t supposed to renew for you - you’re only supposed to get it once.

Apparently this thread suggests they’re changing that, but it’ll probably take a while.

Instead of living with same retailer, it’ll be great if Curve adds the feature to change retailers after 30 or 90 days. It’s a monthly subscription, so each month should give opportunity to amend selection. Just a thought to make it more interesting :grinning: