Pouch for Metal cards

Taking abit of inspiration from the the Amex Centurion it would be cool to have a felt sleeve to put the card in, same colour as your card and if it had a side pocket for another card or cash. Its the thing of beautiful so would be like to protect it from scatches and if it was RFID/NFC proof too even better.

They did offer a card holder when they offered the original Curve black card (Legacy) I don’t think there are any plans of offering any other kind of card holder unfortunately.

It was produced by Tumi, who still sell their own variant of it for £75.

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I’m not really sure what the benefit of this would be? Something to replace a wallet maybe, but I doubt it’s something most people would need- the card doesn’t need much protecting!

I also do not understand the obsession with RFID blocking wallets :thinking: they just seem to be a way of scaring people from what I can tell.

What I find is the Curve tells its the “One Card to Rule them All” but because I have wallet I still carry my other cards with me anyways. I went walletless with my for a week and it ended up losing it from slipping out of my pocket because of how sleek it is. Granted I know one card to rule them all is only a small part of Curves benefits so just carry a wallet or see if there is a 3rd party product similar.

I do agree with you on RFID, scaring people into thinking someone will putsa card reader near your pruse :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s so true. I keep my Curve Card in a wallet with all my other cards, however I use Curve via Google Pay much more then I do the physical card anyway.

My wallet very rarely ever leaves the house anymore!

In fact it might be in the car…I’m not actually sure!

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