Pre 2018 Users Cashback Program Questions

Hello, i am a Beta user from the beginning and have a Question About the old Curve reward Program.

I never activated anything in my app and got today this email About the cashback Program Christmas gift, i asked About it and they can move me into the new program, but what is the difference between the new and old program ?

Are in the old Program the same Retailer or are the different, and when different are there any german Retailer in the old Reward Program and if yes how can i activate them ? (my connect tab is gone with the latest update!)

Difference between old and new explained here:

Retailers in old program:

Retailers in new program:

If you are not on Metal or subscription Black you will only be able to earn cash for a 90 day period on the new program.

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Thanks so in the old program is no german Retailer, it makes Maybe sense to Change to the new program as german customer…. To bad

So for you as a German, it can make sense, but when changing you will only be able to use it for 90 days (if not on Metal or subscription Black).
You can always change from old to new (by contacting support), but you will not be able to get back from new to old.

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better than Nothing, for now i have Maybe some reward on the Retailer from the list, but they do not operate in Germany. Beside the difference in the reward program, is there any other difference ?

All explained here:

Probably most important.
Old program rewards are permanent at all retailers in the list.
New program cashback for 90 days at 3 chosen retailers (if on Curve Blue).

How, REWE for example operates in Germany as much as I know…

yes, Rewe is Germany but not part of the old cash back program, to get cashback from Rewe i Need to move into the new program (at least this is the Information i got from the links)