Pre-Authorisation in the UK

Hi. I’m a long time user of Curve but have been using recently to ‘pre-authorised purchases’. This is where my two recent problems began.

I pre-ordered a DVD from Amazon UK. With an ordinary card, Amazon doesn’t take the amount until the product has been released. I used my Curve card and it took the £25 immediately. My bank account statement shows the £25 debit.

A similar occurrence this week: Went to York Races. I pre-authorised my Curve Card for £150 to cover drinks and meals. When the event ended, I had only used it for drinks and the bill came to £26. On checking my bank statement this morning I can see that the whole £150 has been deducted from my bank balance (no sign of the £26).

Two question then where some more experienced users might advise me…

Q1. Going forward, how do I to use Curve for pre-authorisations without it charging the whole amount?.. or should I not use the Card for pre-authorisation at all?

Q2. How do I go about getting my £25+ £150 credited back to my bank account? The £25 was almost a month ago and I was advised by Curve it would ‘balance out’ (which I took to mean the money would be returned) - but it hasn’t yet

I know that Curve can’t tell the difference between a ‘normal’ purchase and a ‘pre-auth’, so am I stuck with this problem?

Thanks folks!


Personally I never use Curve (or indeed any debit card) for preauths. For example when checking in at a hotel I’ll put a preauth on any credit card (ignoring any poor exchange rates, forex fees, etc) then at checkout will use whichever card I want the payment to actually go through on.

With regards these transactions the balance definitely should refund, I wouldn’t have expected it to take a month and would go back to Curve support to query what’s going on.

Just don’t do preauths, basically. They don’t work well with Curve at all.

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Thanks for the advice folks. I was slowly coming to the conclusion that I just shouldn’t do ‘pre-auths’ with a debit card, so thanks for confirming. Much appreciated!

I’ve logged a query with Curve re the ‘Amazon £25’, so let’s see what happens there!

Again, your help is much appreciated folks! :slight_smile:

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Definitely never do preauths on a debit card ever…

But just to add, I have noticed increasingly Amazon not waiting until the point of shopping to charge my card, particularly for Prime items.

Cheers Andy!

…on both counts


Did you get this sorted I used my card for 100 pre auth at a hotel and now worried - as the whole amount came out

Hi! Yes, I contacted Curve Customer Service. They said it would automatically be credited back, but they did it for me manually and the credit arrived next day! I think what I’ve learned based on wisdom from other Curve users is ‘don’t use Curve for Pre-Auths’. Hope you get yours sorted.

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Yep it’ll come back eventually but best advice definitely to avoid Curve for pre-auth - use any normal CC you like (even with high forex fee) then at check-out pay with Curve instead for fee-free forex.

Hey Steve,

Deposits like this are charged to your account, because at the moment we can’t always tell the difference between a deposit and a charge. We have a rule in place where you won’t be charged for amounts over £150 spent at hotels and car rentals. I hope that helps to clarify! Contacting our Support Team will help us identify that it is a pre-authorisation and rectify the issue.


Issue resolved