Pre-Authorisation Not Clearing on App

Hi All, since the Wirecard fiasco, all of my transactions which come through as a pre-authorisation are being charged to the underlying card and switch from Pending to a charge in the Timeline on the App, however the pre-auth is NEVER updated on the app, and is followed by a second charge for the final amount, also charged to the underlying card. However the original pre-auth NEVER credits or clears on the app looking like I’ve been charged twice. I now have to login to the underlying card regularly to confirm that a credit has been processed for the pre-auth, my underlying card is literred with loads of charge and credit and I have to go through and tally it all up to make sure it all balances out.

This is nothing short of riiculous now and really undermining my confidence in Curve and for UK based transactions makes Curve not worth bothering.

My app is for Android by the way…

Anyone else seeing this nonsensical behaviour?

Yes, I have similar experience on the iOS app. Very tricksy and moves the Curve card one step closer to the sock drawer.

That’s the case for me for several months now, even before Wirecard. Pending transactions all through 2019, AUTHs not removed,…
You either need to check your underlying card statement or click on “send email receipt” within curve, then you’ll receive an email with 0€ so you know it’s removed.
Very bad bug

Does this affect also your limits (doubling amount) ?

Thanks @Lucas and @Denali for confirming the same for you. Interesting you note the e-mail receipt trick, I tried this on my recent spate of auth’s and all of them return the auth amount, none of them £0, even though my underlying card has been credited. You seem to be a lucky one…I have the full wrath of punishment…