Preauthorisation of Crypto Ruby Card Money not returned by Curve

I am using a visa ruby card from crypto linked to my curve account. During the verify process it took out 1.19gbp and this has of yet not been credited back to my account. Crypto have told me this can take up to 30 days! Surely that can’t be right. Note I tried to use the help chat on curve but wouldn’t let me send any messages.
@Curve please let me know how this will be rectified, when will the funds be sent back to my ruby visa card

Actually this is correct. Experienced the same with a similar kind of charge when I added my card to Lounge Key, after exactly a month it was dropped. So not Curve’s fault but just the way handles these kind of charges.

Known issue

This is a user community. To contact Curve support please send an email to or reach out to them on Twitter (AskCurve).

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Thanks Paul,
It’s ridiculous that it takes that long.

On the curve app if you deselect the ruby card then re nominate it for funds to be withdrawn, does that then incurr another verification and preauthorisation charge.

Note I am not talking about re-entering the card details but deselecting and reselecting as the source of funds for the curve card.

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Selecting a different underlying card (that was already added to your Curve wallet and verified) for a certain purchase you want to do with your Curve card will not incur another verification and preauthorisation charge.

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