Premium Investor Metal Card

As a Premium investor can I now go ahead and upgrade my account to Metal or do I have to wait for an agent to contact me?

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You should’ve received an email today on how to claim the investor rewards.


I did and it’s unclear. That’s why I asked the question.

Same here. Email received, swag form successfully filled in but instructions regarding the meral card ambiguous. On the one hand it says a representative will contact me but then it talks about upgrading myself to a metal card and that subsequently I can expect a refund. I tried to find where I might upgrade my card to metal and was not able to find how to.

Extract from email ;-

"How do I get my Curve Metal card?

A Customer Experience champion will be in touch to get you sorted with your free Curve Metal subscription. You will need to upgrade to the monthly Metal subscription plan in the colour of your choice. We’ll refund you within 3 weeks, and make sure you won’t be charged again for the following year."


That’s exactly my concern. Do I upgrade myself? Do I wait for a rep to call me? If I upgrade myself can I be sure of a refund? Very ambiguous. No matter what I choose it will be wrong


I have a question about 1 year free metal card reward for the crowd funding.

Should I upgrade directly by myself and claim the fee back? Or need to waiting someone to contact me?


Someone moved my question to this topic but still nobody answered.

Yes me too. Still no reply. I went ahead and upgraded my card to metal so I hope they will process a refund.

I figured it out.

Upgrade by yourself. Then there is a chat option in account page. You can ask refund by chatting with a staff.

I’m probably going to have a Doh moment but can you point me in the right direction to upgrade my account to a Metal card as I can’t for the life of me see it in either the app or website?

In APP, account page, click Upgrade Plan or manage plan.

When you become Metal cardholder, you’ll see “Chat with us” in the Account page

Thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately my app doesn’t have that option on my “Accounts” page so I have gone on to the chat page and raised a question there.