Premium metal card

A premium metal card with all the metal benefits: insurances, fair fx rates and cashback.
Increasing rental car collision waiver insurance ammount to a decent 70k and maybe increasing cashback to 8 or 10 retailers and/or to 2%.
Unlimited lounge visit or at least 20 free visits per year (including guest).

For 500€/year or lower.

You’d be better with an Amex Platinum card.

660€ in Germany and France, 780€ in Spain, 720 in Italy, £575 in UK… plus not accepted everywhere.

I’d pay for that. The current metal offer in the UK is alright, but it doesn’t leave me that impressed considering that it’s a selection of MasterCard world elite benefits implemented with varying degrees of effort and bundled insurance thrown on top. A better product would be great, even if I have to pay more for it.