Premium Support for Metal

I know there’s been a lot of discussion of support at the moment due to Curve’s sudden growth. Support attempts are very slow, and from what I’ve seen no priority is given to the paying customers. Metal users should have priority support, or maybe as an added benefit to metal; have a personal support representative: a direct contact line to the same person, every time support is needed (via phone or chat?)

In my opinion there should be instant support available for both Black and Metal customers. Ultimately they are the ones paying for the service.


Instantaneous support for all metal/black users is by it’s nature impossible to provide. Priority support is still a step too far for black and metal customers and I’ll explain why. The vast majority of curve black legacy users have paid for their cards so are they included in this or not?

Black Legacy is a different tier than the new Black. When Legacy Black customers paid their one-off fee for the card, they were not promised any new perks, thus the legacy nature of the offering. I suggest that some sort of better support (be it phone/faster chat/one assigned support-person) should be available for both Metal and Black subscribers.

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Sure but then here is the rub shouldn’t that be only for Curve metal as they are paying the most for the service? You did say the ones paying for the service but they are the ones paying the most, so surely they should have the best of the best?

Now you can see the can of worms that could be opened if Curve was to go down the route…

I don’t think your suggestion of

would work as phones get busy so there would be a long wait. Chat is likewise (but you could do other things whilst waiting for a response.) One support person? Just one? Eek see above. I’m not knocking you as it’s something different to consider but for the reasons above I wouldn’t like to be a 2nd class citizen or paying for a service and having to wait because of delays caused by one of the above, in which case you might as well stick with the status quo.

Very interesting though I’ll give you that.

I agree. I mentioned both Black and Metal subscribers having it, because I believe they together still are a small minority of the whole userbase of Curve and could all benefit from the two-tier system like that (whereas three-tier system, on the other hand, would be too complicated). On the top of that, Curve Metal is still unavailable outside of UK and I believe good support team for paying customers in other European countries is crucial in order to build a good reputation there (where Curve as a company is not as widely recognizable in the fintech community like the UK).

BTW, just to make it clear, I don’t pay for Curve, so I’m not speaking on behalf of myself, just saying what would be optimal in my opinion.

I deliberately didn’t specify what the type of “Premium Support” should be, presenting phone as one of the options. I believe the final decision should be taken by the Curve team after thorough analysis of the case.

I mentioned the phone support option, however, because I think that that’s what differentiates serious financial institutions from small startups. Having an opportunity to talk to a real person (even after waiting on hold), while probably not the most cost-effective, builds trust towards the company and makes me believe someone real can assist me and give me their full attention if something goes terribly wrong. It’s money, after all, trust should be priority number one. (maybe I should talk about that in a different thread, though, because that’s a whole another discussion)

I didn’t mean it as something mandatory. Paying customers should have shorter queues, that’s for sure, but I’m wondering about some group of users frustrated with talking to a different person after raising a new ticket. They should have an option (again, not mandatory) to talk to their “preferred” support person, who recognizes them, understands them, and can help them more effectively.

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No but you did present some options which were phone, chat (online) and one support assistant. I gave you reasons to why it wouldn’t work.

Ah right we are talking about phone support ok let’s go there. Remember you suggested 1 member of staff to man the phone. So that person will have to be able to speak 24 languages as that’s the official amount of languages spoken in the EU. Maybe I’m probably nit picking as I guess Curve could specify that’s support queries can only be sent and responded to in english.

I see where you are going but where it comes apart is you have not said one person to handle a support ticket from start to finish, you’ve said a preferred support person. I can see that going south really quickly and oddly enough make it quicker for me who doesn’t pay to get support. (Remember I don’t care who I communicate with.)

Like I said before it’s really interesting and believe it or not I am not here to poo poo what you are saying as I believe some of it has merit.

P. S. Is that one support person doing chat phone and email. I would guess they would as that one member of staff would be dedicated to helping black/metal. So your

Is a option of one member of staff. Is there an option when you only have 1 of something? :man_shrugging: Not unless you want to take from normal support when things are busy which means an less efficient service for the rest of us.

P. S.S. I am a Black Legacy user just for full disclosure.

I didn’t suggest that. There were 3 separate suggestions. Phone support would be a normal call center (except just for paying customers).

Sorry, I meant one person designated to support tickets from a specific client, if he or she wishes to be supported by that one person.

That would be an option, not a requirement! First and foremost I’m for preferred treatment of paying customers, with an alternative of having a designated support person assigned to them. Every paying customer could choose. Non-paying customers would have no choice, basically just like right now.

Let me use an example: there are three people working in support: A, B, and C. Non-paying customer would get assigned to any free person depending on resource allocation (just like right now). Paying customer would have an option of:

  1. getting to one of these support-people randomly, but faster,
  2. waiting to get to their favourite person (for instance B).

As before I can see you are coming from the right place with the best of intentions but I don’t personally see it working.

OK you’ve said this.

Obviously the favourite person will be working on other cases so to refresh their memory they will have to check the notes that they themselves have left, then proceed further. Just like anybody else who picks up the case would do. It’s sounds great on paper but in real life there won’t be an increase in speed. Or if it is it won’t be noticeable to the end user.

If you indeed had a dedicated black/metal CS team then that might be something…

Yeah, this idea definitely needs further insight. That’s why I’m suggesting things that might be considered by the team, not ready-to-implement solutions. That’s not what this community is for.

It’s not supposed to increase speed. It’s supposed to enrich the experience for a small amount of people who either need or want to have one anchor in Curve support team. It might be a solution for people with some specific cases (where it’s not worth it to introduce other people to the issue).

If a person who worked on a case needs to have their memory refreshed, then a new person working on that thing would have to learn that from scratch, which is even more time-consuming.

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True but that’s going to take minutes not hours but like you’ve said above it’s not about the speed.

I guess having one support person dealing with your query is more about ownership for the customer. In the great scope of things it means very little. (Nice to have but not the be all and end all.) In the most complex of cases it might help but aside from that I’m not convinced. Of course having a whole team dedicated to black/metal makes it quicker for everybody. A win win of sorts.

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Lol slow down Harry you’re not going to get personal assistance for £15pm mate. The support can be improved greatly, a realistic solution would be that black and metal customers get access to online support, where they can get the queries answered in a timely manner by a real person. Monzo do this perfectly

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Lol no they don’t. Delays in response are commonplace. Customers have been left waiting sometimes for days. I think you need to read their community forums to see how “wonderful” their support is.

I’ve thought about this recently, being a Black Card member, I appear to still get the same level of treatment of when I was a Blue Card member at no cost. Would’ve thought some priority would be given to those who pay…


I can only talk from my own experiences mate I’ve never had to wait long. I’m not surprised there are horror stories on wait times, they’re rapidly growing, but at least they’ve provided that as a means of support no matter how efficient they may be at providing it.

Support on demand is costly for businesses but a game changer and grows fans if done right

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I can live with that, but only when Metal and Black are available to all customers. I live in the Netherlands, so for the moment I can not have Curve metal and in theory I can have Curve Black, but without the insurance (so not attractive at all, me being on legacy Black).
If Metal and Black come (fully) available to all customers, I can agree with priority support, because then I have the choice if I want to pay for better support or not. At the moment I don’t have that choice.

The differences between countries in what Curve offers is a shame of its own, I experience it first-hand as well. However I think that not only does the coverage of the insurance need to be improved, but new benefits need to be added to both paid tiers to make them attractive for me. I thought of premium support of as one of those perks.

Are you on Curve Blue or Legacy Black? It’s a question I’ve been meaning to ask you but didn’t get round to it until now.

I’m using Curve Blue. Why do you ask?

For some reason I pictured you using Curve Legacy black I have no idea why that was. Maybe I was projecting myself onto you who knows? :man_shrugging: