'Present only one card'

Issue: (message ‘present only one card’ on the card reader when paying throught the app, unable to use the app, so I need to use the physical card instead )

How to reproduce it:


Samsung s21 ultra:



Which app? The Curve app itself does not support NFC payments. You need to add your Curve card to GooglePay/Samsung Pay to be able to pay with your phone/watch.

Through Samsung pay, and sometimes it works and sometimes it gives the message 'present only one card.

I doubt this is a Curve (card) issue.

The card reader/POS notices that more than one payment card is presented. Are you sure that while presenting your phone (with Samsung pay opened and your Curve card selected in it) no other physical or virtual (for example through GooglePay) payment card is nearby?

Even when the above isn’t the case and the card reader/POS is incorrectly showing this message, I have found multiple topics on Reddit of users reporting a similar issue, none of those users is using a Curve card.

I’ll keep an eye out for it during my next payment, I have the physical card, in my bag, with me.