Preserve country of transaction


right now my bank considers all the payments done using Curve as foreign payments (London, UK - to be exact). They do not charge me for this, but my credit card bonuses do not apply for foreign payments and therefore I am loosing my 5% cashback :cry: I want Curve to be “my-only-card” but at the same time, I like my 5% cashback :smile:

Is there please a way to pass the info about the transaction’s country to my bank statement and therefore make domestic transactions actually look like domestic?

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Funny, Im getting 10% cashback on a card due to it recognizing all Curve transactions as “internet purchases” :wink:. Tough of course I hope those kinds of mistakes get eventually sorted out


@vetrakazabijak You can already vote for that idea here.

@megamaster can vote for my idea, but I don’t think he will do that :wink:.

Nice! What CC do you have? :smile: That’s the one I am looking for, obviously :smile:

10%?? What card is that?

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It was a special promotion they held :wink:. It’s the Universo card (Portuguese card) which a lot of people regard as weak as it regularly only gives 1% cashback on everything, however they have very nice promos, at least one big one a month and this was one of them. 10% on all online purchases Saturday 13th. They eventually announced a repeat of that for yesterday. Given that they mark all transaction through Curve as online purchases it’s in practise 10% on everything, including using go back in time, so you can see the potential…

During the last week of march they had another promo where they gave back 10 euros on the next purchase over 10 euros, making it a very nice card despite the only 1% regular cashback