Priority support - what is it?

Hi - please do not hide this in the mega complaint thread mods!

This is a genuine query as it appears from a RESPONSE from curve via a formal complaint (they have a system to respond to complaints) that they have never considered me eligible for it despite being charged multiple times to upgrade - so what actually changes with priority support?

I‘m sure some people will tell me don’t actually get anything from it - but what is offered? 3-5 day response time is what it states you can get as a standard user - so do metal users get a phone number, a quicker response time through chat etc?

P.s - there are websites that can help you raise complaints but this post was blocked as spam for mentioning one - so Google it!

10 days to get back to you close your account while you can. I’m not putting up with that

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No, it’s supposed to just put you nearer the top of the chat list aka prioritised when you message. But they are very busy at the moment and can’t uphold that part of the deal.

Everything else including card delivery, cashback etc works fine. I’ve always used email to communicate with them and they’ve responded within a day.


metal not worth it all garbage who waits 15 days for support when someone makes fraud on the card. I left curve. Not putting up with that BS

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Did you try email? response within a day or two.

I never got a response from the email address until I raised it as a formal complaint & went through the established complaints procedure which has actual times they are required to respond by

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8 weeks is still a long time to respond if they wanted/needed to.

Generally acknowledge within 3 days.

Someone is likely scanning inbound to pick up on complaints etc. The rest will just be responded to as and when.

When I was a metal customer, I tried using the email to contact them directly, and I got an automated response that TLDR said I can only contact them by using the online form, or the app chat (which is that rubbish kustomer BOT) - that was the main reason I cancelled.

From what I saw, you can only communicate with them via email if customer support recently contacted you themselves first.

The only change is that you have the privilege of thinking you’re getting priority support. Your tickets are lumbered with non-paying users and still receive the same slow and inefficient service.

There is absolutely no support… Imagine if we can have priority support…

I have a metal subscription and there is nothing that feels like “priority” about the support. It feels like any other “minimalistic” support system out there. No phone communication, in app chat can take from minutes to days to answer, same with email. They are friendly and polite though, but I guess that is to be expected of any customer support.

It feels very un-personal and quite frankly, it’s laughable and borderline fraudulent to even have it as a selling point for the metal subscription. When I read “priority” support I expect something like being able to actually talk to a person over the phone when I have an issue, not text chatting…

I got metal pretty early on so I have no idea how it’s like to not have priority support. From the looks of the general sentiment over curve’s customer support, it seems like it’s no support.

Priority Support doesn’t exist. When support calls take a month to be answered and only get sorted when you escalate as a complaint you know there is something seriously broken with Curve.

It is unreasonable to have a support case not replied to after a week when you are paying £150 per year for the card.

The support staff do seem to care, but obviously there are not enough of them for the volume of tickets being raised - and I don’t think there are any fixes planned anytime soon.

Customers must be leaving in droves!

news flash that’s why I left no way im risking that anymore. I got my credit card way more protection and better support

I think what’s making it worse and really sad is that they totally don’t care. There’s no will for making things better