Problem adding card to Curve - Card Connected to a cancelled account

Hello. For some time now, I have been trying to add a card to my Curve account. The problem is that the card I am trying to add is apparently connected to an old account that was canceled. The funny thing is that the card was actually never added to that account because the underlying bank flagged Curve as having security issues. I didn’t know that at the time (over a year ago) and that is why I registered a new account. But even the new account didn’t accept it and that’s when I learned about the security problem. Now, after over a year, I’m told that Curve is “currently aware of an issue that is preventing the adding of payment cards that were previously associated with another account.“ I received this same response about 4-5 months ago. Now that doesn’t seem very “current” at all. Further more, the response was exactly the same, word for word, thus leading my to believe that this is an automated response and that no one is actually interested in dealing with this problem. Any ideas? Thanks.

The only workaround I can think of is reporting your cards as lost or stolen with your bank. They’ll send you a new one with a different number.

Thanks for the tip but that’s not an option. 1. There is a cost for the issuance of a new card. 2. The new card will have the same number. I’d prefer to have Curve clear this up on their end. Just sounds like the most obvious and simplest solution. I mean seriously, Curve just can’t find the card on a canceled account and just delete it from the system, given it was never actually added and not charges were ever made to it? Come on Curve. Database management 101 …

If you’ve reported the old card lost, the replacement card will definitely have a different 16 digit card number. And you can definitely then add that to your new Curve card. Doesn’t get around any charge your card issuer may apply of course (interestingly I don’t know of any UK banks that charge for a replacement card).

Czech banks charge fees for replacement cards. I tried contacting Curve through Twitter and got the same response. It just doesn’t make sense how a card that was never actually added to a cancelled account can’t be connected to another active one. How can the system be so inflexible? And to tell me for over a year that “they are currently aware of the issue” just sounds unsatisfactory as an explanation. As if they just don’t want to spend time dealing with the issue.

I have exactly the same issue with a Revolut card for half a year now. They told me it is a software issue and they were working on it. Interestingly two weeks ago I was contacted and they told me that with the new App version (v2.16) this bug is fixed. I tried adding the card once again but it still does not work.
It’s nice that they contact me half a year later telling me that it is fixed but it is really bad to find out that it is’nt.