Problem adding my visa electron debit card

Problem adding my visa electron debit card, I added the card and the code never appeared on the extract for validation

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We’re unable to look at your account here so can’t see the reason why it wouldn’t be added. Would you mind getting in touch with our customer support team at so they look over it for you?

My friend had a similar problem and he contacted Curve support that said the transaction for verification was not going through because the bank was blocking Curve transactions and they suggested to contact the bank support (BPI bank).

Bpi answered this:

“Following your contact that we appreciate, we inform you that we are unable to accept transactions with your BPI Electron card to the Curve merchant.
We clarify that the reason for the refusal is that it is a Recurring Transaction, ie a transaction in which a Cardholder authorizes a Merchant to periodically - which between two consecutive charges, you cannot exceed one year - charge your account for the recurring supply of goods or services over time.
This feature only covers operations carried out on foreign VISA Traders / Acquirers that have implemented the required requirements for the transactions in question, namely sending the Issuer of the additional information on the purchase made.
Therefore, the merchant is using this requirement to carry out the transaction and the transaction is declined because the card referred to does not allow this type of transaction. To try to overcome this situation you should contact the merchant to see if the authorization request can be submitted without Recurring.”

Now…is it possible to make transactions without “Recurring”?

BPI answer sounds made up excuse (bullshit) to me. :confused:

It’s a very elaborated answer, I was surprised with that so probably it isn’t a made up excuse. But I don’t even know if curve actually uses Recurring Transaction…

Yes, detailed answer, but I did not understand it at all (how is recurring transfer involved in this).
Can’t you just get “normal” visa debit card from them? (not electron). Visa electron is something like Maestro (probably you can expect some kind of issues - some might refuse to accept it, etc.)

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Probably yes, I need to check it
I dont think my friend will change his card so I’m just reporting this issue because I don’t know if Curve was already familiar with it.

Curve need a continuous (recurring) parent authority on your underlying cards so they can charge them every time you make a payment. You add your card once, and give them the authority to charge it at any point in the future.

Sounds BPI don’t accept continuous payment authorities on that card.


The bottom line is that the most “traditional” banks here in Portugal have free debit cards, even if sometimes you have to domicile your salary or something like that for them to be free, so they then try to curb any online use of their debit cards.

When questioned they come up with lame excuses and try to force their (paid) credit cards upon costumers as the only way to make online purchases, avoiding as much as possible to admit that there’s nothing inherent with debit cards that restricts their online usage.

As for electron or not, it doesn’t really matter. In Portugal it’s Multibanco that will be used as the cards are dual scheme and the Visa part is only supposed to allow for ATM withdrawals while abroad. That’s the usage they intend for the card

No one here makes any destinction between electron or debit Visa, so they don’t offer a choice. It’s a matter of what deal they currently have with Visa and SIBS, the issuer of multibanco


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I’m new to Curve and I managed to add my Visa credit card to the app but when I try to add my debit card (Its a BPI Visa eletron) it askes me for a CVV code but the card does not have one. How can I add? Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

You can’t add it, unfortunately. Despite the fact that especially with SCA the CVV is more useless than ever, Curve won’t let you add cards without CVV

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@megamaster is right! At the moment you won’t be able to add any Visa Electron cards to Curve. The same goes with the payment cards that do not have a CVV :exploding_head:

:thinking:I have Visa electron cards added to curve. Even the custom card image says “Visa Electron” right there!


That’s interesting. Could you let us know if on the back of the physical card for the ones you’ve successfully added state only Visa Electron as the provider?

It’s Visa Electron and Multibanco, just like all Portuguese cards, has the “MB” logo on the back. Don’t think that makes a difference as Curve doesn’t support Multibanco

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