Problem adding US credit card with same details to different account

US credit cards issued on the same ‘account’ have the same number/expiry/CVV2, just different names. So my wife’s card has exactly the same data as mine.

I added my card to Curve, but the system does not allow my wife to add hers.


Hello @bogorad,

Joint cards are not supported if they have the same number then only one user can use it.

Every card can only have one owner, the bank simply produces the same card again with just a different name on it.

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Hi and welcome to the Curve Community :wave:.

The only thing I can suggest is that you contact the Curve customer service team and see if they can help you.

I’ve seen quite a lot of queries like yours and I’m not sure if there’s been a concrete resolution.

Please contact them on the following email address or alternatively contact them via the Curve application.

What my colleague has said above is bang on the money.

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Hi and welcome to the Curve Community :wave:.

Thanks, I’ve been here since the pre-community slack :slight_smile:

Pretty sure they won’t be of any help.

My only hope - this will hit them on the head hard, and quite soon - re: US launch. Everyone I know in the US has shared accounts, and cards bearing the same number/details.

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That might be true, but your coming on here newly fresh today so it’s common manners that sees me welcome you to the community. It’s a bit like when you enter a room full of people you say hello. :blush:

Well all I can suggest is that you leave it as feedback in the USA section of the Community so it hopefully gets fixed for the people that arguably need it most.


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