Problem setting up Curve Cash

I’m having problem setting up Curve Cash and choose retailers. On my Samsung phone, each attempt results in “an unexpected error”. Maybe it’s an Android issue, I thought.
Therefore, I installed Curve app on my iPad and kept my fingers crossed. In the iOS app, every retailer is marked “Metal/Black Only”. Since I have the blue card, I can’t select any retailers.
Any ideas?

Hey, sounds funky!

Have you been in contact with the support team? You can do it in the app (if you’re not effected by the current bug) or by emailing

Hey @Brynner, firstly welcome to the community!

As @Dann said, it would be best to contact support so they can look at your account, although it sounds like you may be on the older rewards scheme. Shoot an email off and they’ll have a look for you!

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I have the same problem. I’m unable to load the retailers I want to earn cash from. It’s been ongoing since August 2019 and have been in constant correspondence with support trying to sort it out. Have been told it is an issue affecting a “small number” of users and as they have various campaigns