Problem with Ica Banken

Curve does not work with the swedish bank “Ica Banken”.

The problem Ica Banken reports is that Curve does not send the CVC/CVV code with the transaction.
Curve says that Ica Banken has most likely blocked Curve.

Can we please solve this?!

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You need to contact there support

I have contacted the support but the problem is that Ica Banken and Curve are both directing me to the other one.

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Same with Wirex, Change and Paysera. No matter which department you talk to they all ping pong to each other …

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I have the same problem. Although for some reason not all transactions are declined by ICA Banken, only most of them. ICA just tells me to ask Curve to include the CVC in the transaction data, and Curve won’t answer my emails.