Problem with paying by curve points (Points from recommending)

I have a problem about paying with curve points. I ve got 15 pounds now from recommending stuff. How can i use it?

Select the Curve Cash card in the wallet in the app and pay something in a store or online for exactly or less than £15. Also you can not withdraw you Curve Cash at an ATM.

Hey poeliev. I did it, and its always a problem. I am wondering, i have mine second card monese and monese “confirmed” mine bank account first. Might it be an issue?

I don’t understand what you exactly mean with this. But it is unlikely that ‘an issue’ with another underlying card will affect the use of your Curve Cash card.
Are all you referrals ‘definitive’ or are they still pending? If the latter is the case you will not be able to spend the Curve Cash yet.

I mean, at the beginning i need to confirm mine account by another one bank account. I chose monese for that. Maybe thats the problem? Because the card i use to confirm from monese is virtual.

Ok, now I understand, but that will not affect the use of your Curve Cash Card.

what should i do then?

Have you been able to use your Curve card at all, so with another card (e.g. the Monese card) selected (not your Curve Cash Card) in the wallet in the Curve app? And your Curve card is not locked (in the app)?
If yes and yes, and you are not able to spend an amount of £15 or less with the Curve Cash Card selected in the wallet in your Curve app, then contact support at

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