Problem with signup

I installed and go to the signup process. But after entering my number I just stocked in this page!

And the button those not work. I reinstalled the app, deleted the data and then I tried again, also even when I tried with another device I had this problem. Nothing works!

Hello @AliPeiro,

please use this format when reporting a bug, its very hard to look for a bug :beetle: without knowing on which device/os the bug appears.

**Issue**: (one-sentence summary)

**How to reproduce it**: 



**App version**:


From which country do you try to signup?

And about the country,

First i chose usa by mistake, but i couldnt change it any more, so i contact the support and after that i stuck in this page every time.
I want yo choose italy as my country.

Did support already come back to you? What did they tell you?

You get the waiting list page, because Curve hasn’t launched yet in the USA. So if you can’t change the country to Italy yourself, Curve support needs to do this for you (and/or advise you to how to proceed).