Problem with the "help" section of the App

I have had a problem with the “help” section of the App for over a month and when there was the problem I immediately contacted customer / technical service to inform them of the problem … They assured me that there were engineers working on the problem … But today it is still there …
If someone where tech can give me any information that would be nice.
Best regards

Hi Gillesm, welcome to the Curve Community.

Well if there is still the problem then they are still working on it. I think your more likely to see it fixed then getting notification that they have fixed it to be honest.



Hey @Gillesm, as Leon mentioned, this is something our engineers are still actively working on. In the meantime, if you need to get in touch with our support team you can do so by emailing them directly at This will appear on our system the exact same way for our support agents so you don’t need to worry about you email not being received.

Anyone else had issues with the app failing to get through? If I try and raise a query about a transaction it says failed to receive information. If I raise a general query it just says failed to send message. Latest app on iOS 14.2.1/iPhone 12 pro

Same for me on android several times today. Haven’t had a single payment go through using my phone. Just as well I know my local retailers.
Not Impressed.

You can use their email

Unfortunately has been broken for a couple of years I think (on Android at least) I always just email :+1:

Works OK for me on Android… :cowboy_hat_face:

My old tickets now show up although they don’t seem to for some customers. Personally I find it easier just to email anyway so it doesn’t really bother me!

Yup i did use it this week