Problem with "View Curve Limit" section

Hi everyone, I recently activated Curve, I received the card and I have already made some transactions, but I noticed that the “View Curve Limits” section does not work for me. In practice when I press it loads the wheel of load and nothing happens. I have also sent an email but have not received a reply yet.
I have an iPhone 8 with iOS 13.3.1. In addition, I have already tried to uninstall and reinstall the app, but the problem persists.

I have the version app Curve “Version 3.4.1(5034)”, iPhone 8 with iOS 13.3.1

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Works for me using “Version 3.4.1(5029)”, iPhone Xr iOS 13.3.1

A problem introduced after build 5029?

I installed only this app version, so I don’t know if this issue is only with this version

Just got the version Version 3.4.2(5434) and still works fine.

How can I get this version? This is the beta?

I just got the notification to get it, just few minutes ago, I didn’t do anything to force the update.

I dont have any update available atm

Ok I updated now via app store to the new version 3.4.2 (5434), but the problem is still here.

As said, it is working for me with same version and same IOS, but different phone. Maybe you need to send a mail to support to check if it is a problem with your account or a bug for the iPhone 8

Are you seeing your real time limits or the following screen?

Nothing. I click in the “View Curve Limit”, the wheel loads but nothing happens.

Anyone else to answer that?

You are supposed to see your real time limits.
See here for a (partial) screenshot:

This is a problem on Curve’s side, updating or reinstalling the app won’t solve the problem, just wait for the support to answer, they will sort this out for you.

Something similar happened to me a while ago.

Best wishes!

Can confirm something similar happened to me a while ago too.

Ok, so hope the support resolve this issue