Problems adding Curve X to Apple Pay? Read this

I raised 6 tickets total with Curve support over the last 3 weeks (askcurve) via the app, twitter, facebook, email, phone call… None were able to answer my problem (only 2 of them have even had replies) which is that I couldn’t add Curve X to Apple Pay. I just solved it partially myself, 3 weeks after waiting for Curve support to reply. Lock the card, unlock it, then add it to Apple Wallet through the app, not through Apple Wallet. It worked!

However there is no way in the app to add the card to Apple Watch (fair enough, as you can only add cards to Watch through Apple Wallet). So my problem still stands, as Apple Wallet still fails to add the card to Apple Watch (“Card Not Added: Contact your card issuer”).

Shocking customer service experience. This won’t be news to most of you, but wanted to add my opinion to the pile.