Problems after problems and no customer support

  • Disputing a transaction where the merchant did not provide the service in question and only responded with the receipt of the actual charge. Merchant cannot produce a receipt of what was actually purchased because due to a malfunction on the merchant’s side, nothing was actually purchased!!! Curve is siding with the merchant for some strange reason.

  • Double charged on 2 transactions. No word on when this will be reversed.

  • Changed currency of underlying card to pay for a large transaction not to pay the fees, and for some mysterious reason, card was charged on the previous selected currency. No word from curve to help solve this.

  • One transaction from August that was double charged due to go back in time. First underlying card was never refunded. This is completely unacceptable.

Bottom line is that as of now, I am only having issues when I decide to use Curve. There is nothing positive anymore. I am seriously considering closing my account and forgetting this app ever existed.

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Hey there,

the issuing bank (“Curve”) decides if they start a dispute on a transaction or not.

You can reply with “URGENT” to your ticket to change the ticket priority.
This will give you a faster response, otherwise you can call the number on the back of your card.

Thank you for your reply and for the URGENT tip. That is definitely very helpful and I had no idea about it.

I did call earlier today and I was promised a phone call tomorrow.

I just feel really powerless. Perhaps it is a wise idea to only use curve for travelling and not for regular spending.

On a second thought, I am not so sure - [Cash advance] Contactless transaction

You can also raise a chargeback with your bank

I think you waive that right once you use curve for the charge.

The bank will be taking the money from Curve & curve in return is likely to reply with their terms of service as well as close your account.


There’s no Section 75 protection if you use an intermediate payment processor like Curve or PayPal.


Once you use Curve for your transaction even if its backed by a credit card you can’t use section 75 as you didn’t use the credit card for your original purchase you used Curve, which is a debit card. If you would of used a credit card for even 1 pence of the original transaction then you would be covered.

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Hey @Yahoo were these issues sorted for you? I know our support team are extremely busy at the moment so are taking longer to reply but you should have heard back within 48 hours.

Hi @Hannah,

No phone call was received. Still most of the issues are now in the works. Waiting on a supervisor to assist with the chargeback situation as that is unfair and frustrating.

Still no response for me
After 1 week.

Still waiting for a resolution for 10 days now…

Almost one month… Still waiting for a resolution for one of my issues.

Recently, I just found out Curve did not process a PayPal refund despite PayPal showing the transaction as refunded. This is it for me. Not using Curve after this.

If every time I have a refund or a go back in time and curve does not automatically process a refund on their end and it takes one month to resolve, no thanks.