Problems New app color


are there any other new app colors ??? I have a problem with red and green colors. In Germany, this also says red-green disturbance “Rot-Grün-Störung”.

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I feel you, I have same problem and that red fonts over the black background is killing me :weary:

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Hello @Markus,
Please, check this step on how to report a bug

  • A screenshot and short description
  • Details on how we can reproduce it
  • Which OS, device and app version you have

I don’t think this is a bug @Mattia, simply a design decision that makes difficult to read for color blind people (total, partial, “Rot-Grün-Störung” or however it is known).

It’s a bug :thinking:

I argue, The OP is suffering from a form of colour blindness called Deuteranomaly and Protanomaly.

Either way whatever the case may be, as Mattia has said it will still need to be dealt with by sending in a bug report to

Doesn’t seem to be the same issue in the Android app as it shows light grey horizontal bars for limits, with red used to show progress along it.

Only issue with this one is the 30 day limit shows white for remaining unused, others all show grey.

@nicb is this something the Android and iOS teams are looking at?

Yes, for me it is like that on android with 2.19.1 (looks fine).
Maybe they changed it on more recent (upcoming) version? No idea.

I think @Mattia @Markus are on iOS, so that might be the reason.


@ediflyer @moon this sounds like iOS too me. The red is slightly different on dark mode on Android as we follow Google’s guidelines to desaturate it slightly. They do this in all their own apps.

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Thanks @nicb :+1: Would it be possible to pass the issue on to your iOS colleagues to look at?

For Android the only (very minor) issue is as I say the ‘amount remaining’ portion of the bar for the 30 day limit is white, vs the dark grey for all other bars. Totally small print though :wink:

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everything in the app is now RED.

  1. I can only see the text blurry and is therefore no longer legible for me.

  2. The symbols are now only recognizable to me as small red blobs of paint.

I would be helped if everything were in this white-gray color. Is legible and recognizable.

Curve App v.3.5.0 (3371)
iOS 13.5.1
iPhone 8


New app colors (on iOS) are terrible and you can’t even switch between the bad and the worst theme without setting the dark mode in the system. Highly disappointing. :confused:

I’m also red-green colourblind and in dark mode, the red text on black background is indeed terrible for me. In light mode (which I use on my iphone) it’s OK for me.

@nicb, please give us an option where we can choose the optimal theme. All worth while apps have this from Gmail to FB Messenger:

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Agreed. The app colours in dark mode on IOS are terrible.

Don’t you have this menu on iOS? Oh dear Android users have the option to change it as they see fit.

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@Oliverda :slight_smile: Magda said this

No, for some reason they totally forgot to add this on iOS. :roll_eyes:

@Magda: Why is there a functional difference between the Android and iOS version of the app?