Problems paying with Barclaycard

Been using my Curve card with my Barclaycard for the last year or so with no problems, then in the last few weeks I’m finding my payments are being regularly declined - perhaps 1 in 3 or 4. They appear to be random and not dependent on retailer. Talking to Barclaycard customer service is a waste of time as they dont understand what a Curve card is. Anyone else having this problem with Barclaycard or is it just me?

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Hey @Jameegray1
Have you already reached out to our Support Team? They can have a look at the transactions in question for you and get a better view of the issue here.

Pop an email through to

Yeah i have done. And to Barclaycard themselves. I’m interested to know if I am the only one with problems or whether Barclaycard are deliberately causing problems for Curve and Curve customers.

I’ve used it OK with my Hilton Barclaycard in the past week or so. Don’t use that card too often though.

I had Barclaycard being less than impressed with me using my Curve card in the early days, to the point they froze my account. There were some very strong words issued their way, and it was dealt with, but I get the impression they really don’t like us using it! Seems generally okay now though, you might be tripping their fraud systems. They really didn’t like me interchanging regular use of the Barclaycard with the Curve card as it triggered fraud alerts quite often.

This is getting silly now. I have Curve telling me it is nothing to do with them and I should pick up with Barclaycard, and I have Barclaycard saying it is nothing to do with them and I should pick up with Curve.

Yes, I was withdrawing cash and it didn’t work for some reason but the money was still taken from my account. When calling Barclaycard it’s obviously not listed as a cash withdrawal so I am sure that I have lost that money.

You can do a chargeback from Barclaycard if that’s the case, as you didn’t receive the cash, but I’d suggest submitting a support ticket first, they’re normally pretty good about this stuff. However, withdrawing cash on the credit card will be passed as a cash code, so it’ll show as a cash withdrawal on your credit report and you’ll immediately start getting charged interest unless you have terms specifically for cash withdrawals on your card. I’m assuming it’s a credit card, not a Barclays debit card.

Have you submitted a support ticket to Curve? It may just be sitting as an authorisation and due to drop off in due course - if you didn’t receive your money then you won’t be charged but probably easier to chase with Curve initially.

I’m having a similar issue, but not with Barclaycard.

I have been using Curve for a few years without issue. Recently I upgraded from legacy black to metal and that seems to have coincided with my Bank declining over 50% of all transactions I make using curve and my regular debit card. The bank and Curve say they are investigating but there is no resolution yet and it has stopped me from being able to use the card. So a waste of the £150 I paid for the upgrade. I was about to invest in the recent funding round but decided not to as a result of this.

I’ve had a few that would appear on the Barclaycard statement, then later rejected and refunded and then go through properly a few days later.
If I recall they were a couple to my energy supplier and one to amazon. Neither of who complained they never got the money so I just put it down to weirdness between curve and Barclaycard.

I had this for a couple of months on Barclaycard and then it started to decline them instead. I had forgotten about this, I wonder if it was an early symptom?

I’ve been using Barclaycard as my primary underlying card since 2017. A couple of times the transaction didn’t go through due to fraud prevention but these payments were for for over £1000, and after replying to the text from the automated fraud prevention system, I was able to make the same transaction straight away using Curve.

Other then the above, I’ve never had a problem making payments or withdrawing cash etc…

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Chiming in here. Been solidly and reliably using Barclaycard with Curve from day 1 with no issues.
However from mid-August have had multiple declines.
Curve support suggested removing and re-adding the card, which works, but cannot determine how long this fix is for. Fingers crossed - I’ve had to do this twice now.

Roughly matches the time frame when it started to go wrong for me too. Nobody has yet suggested I remove and replace the card in my Curve wallet. I’ve given up and trying another card now.

Has anyone on Barclaycard tried an ATM cash withdrawal recently on Curve, is the current consensus that its ok and wont be flagged as a cash advance or hit with fees? Ta

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I took cash out 3 weeks ago, using Barclaycard as underlying card, and did not get charged a cash advance fee.


Thanks Malik, I’ll give it a try again - last time a few months ago I tried both cash and a normal payment with my underlying Barclaycard and both were rejected