Problems when I moved from Metal to Samsung Pay Card

I’m pulling my hair out with Curve at the moment. I was a curve metal customer and was really happy with the product. I then get an email telling me about the Samsung Pay card which gives 5% cashback which would be a huge benefit for me. So when I tried to signup, it said I couldn’t because I already had a curve account! So I then contacted Curve and asked them to delete my account, so I could apply for the Samsung account. I’ve now created the Samsung card account but can’t add any of my cards that were in my old deleted account presumably because they’re not really deleted off the system. I’m trying to use my Samsung card tonight and transactions are being declined for no reason across multiple cards. When I try and change my subscription to Metal I just get a random error. I’m now assuming this is because if you’re a Samsung pay customer you can’t upgrade to Metal. So I’ve now lost all my premium benefits and can’t use my card as before. So I’ll now just use it for my 5% Samsung discount and nothing else and Curve loses me as a customer. Seems crazy! I’ve been on forums and there’s lot of other people waiting for their 6 months of metal to be up so they can cancel and get the Samsung card for the same reason.

Talk about shooting your self in the foot.

And to finish it all off I can’t use the Samsung card as all transactions are being declined across all cards :frowning_face: