Problems with bonus

Hi , i have a problem because i cant use my bonus points from my curve card. I have there 10 pounds balance. How I could use it ?

Mark the Curve Cash card as active and then buy something at the price of exactly £10. It will get charged to that card, your new Curve Cash balance will be zero and you can enjoy your purchase.

I tried like these of coutse, but when i click tap to use these card (card curve cash) and than i pay. Application is choosing my credit card, not these with curve cash …

If you use revolut you can generate money request link in revolut app for 10gbp and then use Curve card to pay by that link. Money will arrive in your revolut app instantly.

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Hey @blassi welcome to the Community! To use your Curve Cash, you need to go to the ‘wallet’ section in the app and choose your Curve Cash card by clicking on it. A white Curve logo will overlay on the card to show that it’s selected, so make sure you can see this on the card before making your purchase.

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I have information that my pin is blocked ? what can i do with that?

Anyone could help me ???

What do you mean by “pin locked”?

I mean i cant paid by my curve cash because seller told me that pin is blocked. he gogt these information from terminal

i tried third times and transaction is DECLINED . WHY ???

Hey @blassi unfortunately we don’t have access to your account here. I’d recommend getting in touch with our support team at so they can look into this for you.