Problems with German Santander MasterCard

During the last week, my underlying Santander MasterCard (“sunny card”) didn’t work with Curve twice. Both were larger transactions of EUR 299 and 565. However, they were within all set limits. According to Curve support, the bank sent a ‘Do Not Honour’ message, which usually means that the bank is blocking transactions through Curve. Does anyone has similar experiences?

Have the bank any comments?

Not yet. Still waiting for their response. Funny thing is that Santander’s investment arm is an investor in Curve.

I find it weird that if they were blocking Curve they’d just block certain transactions but not all of them. I have a card (Portuguese card issued by ActivoBank) that randomly blocks certain higher value (I’d say 200€+) online transactions, something I’ve seen other people complain about with that bank.

All transactions through Curve are seen by the bank as “online”, so maybe you’re equally suffering from an overly aggressive anti fraud system

That’s quite interesting!
I’m using one of Santander Bank’s credit card myself (1plus Visa), and I had recently used it outside Germany for a high-value transaction (GBP 800) and it went through without any issues.
I’ve used it inside Germany for upto EUR 350 and never saw any issues either.