Problems with transactions declined all the time

I signed up for a membership in the Metal class and then added several credit cards. But this afternoon, I went shopping in Tesco and used the Curve Metal attached to Google Pay. And then the payment was declined at that moment. Then I changed to another physical credit card to finish the payment.

Then back home, I did some tests like using the details of my Curve card on the APP. At the end of the day, all failed expectedly. It’s so annoying that I met so many bugs and unhappy experiences on the first day using Curve service.

So what should I do now? Besides, I’ve already sent piles of emails to and tried to contact your colleagues on the APP, but no answer has been received for the whole day. I believe it’s unacceptable for me to be treated like this with a Metal class membership and lose contact with your team.

Yes I have the same issue,transactions are declined from the Sep 07. My underlying card is blocked by Curve,separately works normally.I sent then around three enails,via support,through imaginecurve,through complaints ,than via App chat.Nobody answeres for seven days at all.I am the same Metal customer but they don’t care at all.

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Hi bro,

The team answered me as follows:

Hope you are well.

We’ve noticed you have created multiple Curve accounts which is against our Terms of Service​, as we allow only one card per customer. As a result, we’ve placed a temporary block on all your accounts. Please kindly reply to this email and let us know which account you’d like to keep by confirming the last 4 digits of the Curve Card/Samsung Pay+ card. We’ll close any extra accounts afterward.

so Maybe I got why it’s been blocked, and I managed to contact them immediately to deal with the problems.

My card is not blocked.And I have just one account,never had more than one.

Hello @qtw1998,

I removed your last post.

Please do not encourage other users to spam the support. One email is completly enough, thats one of the reasons why its taking so long to get a reply.

Curve Support reads all tickets if there are multiple tickets of the same issue by the same user on multiple channels then more resources are used then needed.

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